This blog is here to support the Asheville Resist Trump Tuesday rallies (4-5:30 at the Federal Building, 151 Patton) and the people who participate in them.  The goals are to dialog with each other, build community and learn from each other how we can find our own authentic path of participation – and be active in ways that support us, that leave us whole and strong.  This may sometimes involve stretching ourselves, moving out of our comfort zone – but it should not burn us out or in any way undermine our well-being.


Central to our dialogue work will be to sort out for ourselves the relationships among resistance, peace and love.  While there are those in our community who would claim that resist is a bad word – negative, not spiritual, “what you resist persists” – it is the assumption of this blog and these rallies that resistance is a good word and a valuable if not crucial activity.  The issue then is how these three words relate to each other – and how they can enrich and strengthen each other, and ourselves.

Asheville Resist Trump Tuesdays: 4-5:30 p.m., Federal Building, 151 Patton Ave.  www.facebook.com/avlresist/